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30 Minute Trek
1 Hour Woods Trek
2 hour trek

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At Marros we offer treks of different durations aimed at riders of different standards.  You can be escorted by our staff on horse back or they can led if needed, or simply walk alongside for a bit of reassurance.

We offer treks of 30 minutes, 1 hour,  or 2 hours. The 30 minute or 1 hour treks are suitable for any level of rider and for the 2 hour treks the rider must be competent at rising trot or more.

30 Minute Trek

The 30 minute trek is great for children or nervous riders who want to 'give it a go'. Ride along our private woodland with no roadwork to worry about. Can be lead by a member of staff or walked along side of.

1 hourTrek

The Woodland trek is suitable for all levels of rider. Staff can go on foot with beginners or nervous riders for a gentle walk or escort on horseback for those who can trot or canter. Again we ride in our private woodland and there is no roadwork involved.

2 hour Trek

On the 2 hour trek we head to Ragwen Point to see the panoramic views and finish off the ride going through our woodland.

Please note: Times include mounting, safety briefing and dismounting.


If you are a group of people wishing to ride together - the trek will be determined by the least ability rider.

The underlying point of trekking is the  enjoyment of the countryside by the rider.  Taking a horse out for a ride of any duration from thirty minutes up to two hours.  Along local lanes and byways or on our own land provides the rider with wonderful views over the surrounding countryside.

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