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Periodically we have horses and ponies for sale.  There are several reasons for this. 


Some are children's ponies that have been on livery with us and sadly have been outgrown by their riders and whose owners are looking for a good home for their pet.


Some are horses or ponies that we have bought as youngsters and that have been brought on by our staff and are now ready to advance to a new home


Others are horses that have done a year or so at Marros and who need to move on so they do not get bored and stale with their lives.


Some horses or ponies don't always adjust to the life at a riding school and would be better in a private home where they have one to one attention rather than lots of different people handling or riding them.

The welfare of our horses is our first concern.  This is one of the reasons we sell horses that we consider are not enjoying themselves or who could get a lot more out of life at a home with fewer horses than at Marros. 

This page contains some links to the horses and ponies that are currently looking for new homes.

2014 - Selling horses isn't our strong point which has resulted in collecting a few too many! This year we have decided to 'man up' and rehome the ones who would suit private homes.

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