We are a BHS approved livery yard that offers the following:

•Weekly farrier visits

•Regular dentist visits 

•Monthly Vet visit for routine Vaccinations 

•Osteopath when required

•Within riding distance of the beach

•Off road riding

•Use of indoor and outdoor school when available (extra charge for use of lights) 

•Secure livery tack room

•Member of staff on site 24 hours a day 


•Coffee Shop and toilet facilities (Coffee shop is currently closed but the toilets are open )

•Large fields with natural grazing 

•Discounted lessons with our instructors

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Charges for livery:

Horses over 14.3hh

Full Grass £28 per week

Working Grass £ 22 per week

Full Stabled £90

Working Stabled £70

Ponies 14.2 and under:

Full Grass £26 per week

Working Grass £20 per week

Full Stabled £80 per week

Working Stabled £60

There are discounts for working livery depending on how many hours the horse/pony works.

If your horse is on full/working grass livery, occasional over night stabling can be arranged.  

During the winter, large haylege bales are put out on the fields for those on grass livery. This is charged at £10 per week for ponies and £14 per week for horses.

Working livery horses/ponies will be assessed to ensure they are suitable for the school to use. The most we use any of our horses is 4 hours per day in the height of the summer. Discounts are given for the more hours your horse/pony is used. This discount will be applied monthly in arrears. If your horse/pony is used less than 20 hours per year, we will review the Working Livery contract.

For the spring, summer or autumn months, Full/working stabled horses are able to change to grass livery so the horse/pony can live out for the warmer months.   

Stabled livery costs include haylege, bedding of rubber mats and a sprinkling of straw/shavings as well as basic feed. If you’d like your horse/pony on a full bed, this will be an extra charge to cover the cost of the bedding. If you’d like your horse to be on any supplements or extra feed, this will also be an extra charge.  

As every horse and owner are unique, please phone us to discuss any details so we can meet your needs. Please note, we are unable to offer DIY livery at this time.