You can only book online, you must register and manage your own online account, complete the following easy steps to register:

·      Click on ‘Register/Login’ and complete your account details

·      Verify your email by clicking the automated link sent by email (check your spam if you don’t receive this instantly)

·      Login with your email and password details

·      ‘Add riders’ to your account by following the instructions to click on the link to rider registration.

·      The rider registration needs to be completed with up to date details of the rider. Please ensure that if you’re an experienced rider that you enter as much detail about your riding as possible.

·      Click ‘Add riders’ if there are more than one individual under the same account for payment/guardian purposes.

·      We will manually grade each rider to the appropriate riding skill level. Grading can take up to 24 hours and will be completed during working hours. You will be emailed when this is complete. If you are a beginner you can book straight away without the need of waiting to be graded.

·      Once the rider has been graded you will be able to view session availability and book sessions.

·      You will only be able to see sessions that are suitable for your riders. If, for example, your rider is graded as a ‘beginner –lead rein’, you will not be able to view ‘advanced sessions’.

For ease you can also book on your mobile device via the App. Search for EC Pro on your app store (Google play or Apple App Store) and then log in with your email address and password. There is a £1 non-refundable booking fee per basket, retained by the EC Pro booking system. The booking fee is only charged when a payment transaction is made and is per basket, not per session. So if you book and pay for multiple sessions in one transaction you will only pay one £1 booking fee. The fee is not applied when existing account credit is used to secure a riding session (as this would have already been paid when you paid for the original session).

If you have any problems or can’t see what you are looking for or need more riders added to the session please phone 01994 453777 and we will let you know if we can accommodate you.