At Marros Riding Centre, we have a range of riding sessions to suit all levels of rider. We have an indoor and outdoor school for those looking to learn a new skill or improve their existing riding skills and our own off road private woodland for those looking to explore the lovely West Wales countryside. For experienced riders, we are close to Morfa Bychan Beach where we can often ride onto the seven mile Pendine Sands and gallop along the surf.

Please note: We have a weight limit of 16 stone. Each horse has a weight limit and they are allocated using heights and weights provided. Please be honest and accurate with weights for the horses’ welfare.


Combination Session - £38.50pp 

Ideal for children, beginners and families

An hour session split into two halves. The first half is a basic lesson where you learn and practice how to start, stop, steer and even try a trot. We then head out for a trek in the woodland where you can test out your new skills. Staff go on foot to give a helping hand if needed. Children or nervous riders are led when necessary.


One hour Woodland Trek - £38.50pp

Suitable for any level rider

We ride in our own unspoilt, ancient woodland with trickling streams, wild garlic and local wildlife. Staff can go on foot with beginners or nervous riders for a gentle walk or escort on horseback for those that can trot or canter. When there are mixed ability parties, we go to the level of the least experienced rider.

Two hour Trek - £66pp

Suitable for riders confident and competent to canter*

We ride along the road a short distance onto byways and farm tracks which allow us to take in the beautiful scenery and have a number of trots and canters. We ride to Ragwen Point where we can enjoy panoramic views of Carmarthen Bay as well as South Pembrokeshire. 

We have another route that can be used April-October which goes through our woodland, cross over the road and around our 60 acres there. It has many different terrains and lovely cantering opportunities. This ride also has amazing sea views and landscape. 

*This ride does allow us to take less experienced riders on longer treks at our discretion.  


Beach Ride - £110pp 

Suitable for riders over 16 years that are confident and competent to gallop and do so regularly 

We are lucky enough to be situated riding distance from the beach. We ride along byways and farm tracks which allow riders to have a few trots and canters to get used to your horse’s movements before getting to the beach. Once on the beach, we gradually work through the speeds. We ride on the sand, in the surf and, if the weather allows, we go for a paddle in the sea. The ride is 2 and a half hours long and we take a maximum of 6 clients to ensure an enjoyable and personal experience.

Beach rides are tide dependent and as we need to assess the beach and sand on the day, we cannot guarantee a gallop on every beach ride.  Spectators are able to drive to Pendine Sands and walk around the cliffs at the right hand side onto Morfa Bychan to watch. Our ride stays along the surf line so if you wanted to watch closely, you would need to be near the sea.  

Riders must be over 16 years old and able to gallop for this ride for the safety of the rider, horse, other riders as well as people on the beach. We assess your riding en route to the beach. If we believe you are not up to the required standard, for safety purposes we reserve the right to not take you on the beach.  Please be truthful with your ability to avoid these situations.  

Tuition - From £38.50pp  

From total beginner to BHS Stages training

We offer one to one, semi-private or group lessons of up to six riders. For private or semi private (two or three riders) lessons, we offer 30 or 45 minute durations. For a group lesson, we offer 30 or 60 minutes. We have qualified and experienced riding instructors that can teach you either flatwork or jumping.

Toddler Taster Session - £17.50pp 

Ideal for the little ones! No minimum (or maximum) age limit as long as hat and boots fit 

The Toddler Taster Session is great if you’re not sure what your little one will make of being on a horse. It lasts approximately 10-15 minutes. We go in the indoor school, 1 adult is permitted to be in with them and any other spectators can watch from reception or the Coffee Shop. We introduce the child to the pony and encourage they pat them and say hello. We then pop them on board and have a few laps of the indoor school with lots of photo opportunities.    

Please phone 01994 453777 or email to discuss if we have availability for this session. It is unlikely we will be able to offer these rides during the school holidays.

BHS Pony Stars- £44 (90 mins) £55 (10-3:30pm)

Juniors are suitable for age 3-8 years and Seniors for 8 years and over 

Once a month we hold activity morning/afternoon sessions (90 minutes) for Juniors and an activity day for the seniors. We cover sessions like grooming, tacking up, riding lessons, untacking, cleaning and badge work. Perfect for those children that enjoy being outdoors or around horses. No previous experience is necessary and children are supervised at all times. 

If you are interested in the Pony Stars please phone or email to register your interest and we can let you know if we have any spaces available or put you on the waiting list and let you know as soon as there is a place available.





Please note: We have a weight limit of 16 stone. We will ask the heights and weight of each rider to allow us to match rider and horse to ensure the welfare of our horses. Please be honest with your weights when booking. 

The session lengths also include time to mount and dismount the horses.