If you need to cancel a lesson then you must do this online. We do not take cancellations on the phone. We have a strict 48 hour cancellation policy. If you wish to cancel the lesson with less than 48 hours' notice from the lesson start time then you will not receive any credit on your account, nor will you receive a refund.

You will be required to confirm your cancellation on a pop up window, the pop up window will explain that due to less than the required notice period being given you will not be entitled to credit.

If you cancel with more than 48 hours' notice then the full amount paid for the lesson will be given as credit to your account. This credit can be used towards any future booking at Marros Riding Centre. In the event of severe weather conditions such as snow, we will reduce this to 24 hours’ notice period and there are no exceptions to this. It is your responsibility to manage your bookings and to cancel your lesson in time.