We ask for payment on booking. We can take payment over the phone or give the details for a bank transfer. Our cancellation policy can be seen here

Long trousers are best so your legs don’t rub on the saddle or get pinched by the stirrup leathers. The stretchier they are, the better. Jeans can be quite restrictive where leggings or jogging bottoms are more comfortable. We also recommend long sleeves, particularly if trekking. Waterproofs are advisable if the weather is doubtful. We ask riders to wear socks so you can wear our boots if needed. We also ask riders to wear their hair in low pony tails to be able to fit the hats comfortably.

Our weight limit is 16 stone. We ask heights and weights of each rider on booking to allow us to allocate appropriate horses. Each horse has a different weight limit according to their size and age. It is important for you to be honest and accurate with heights and weights for the horses’ welfare.

Unfortunately, we are unable to do this for the safety and comfort of your child. There must be a horse for each rider.

Each rider must be registered on line, a session booked and hat and boots fitted. 


You can definitely ride together but we would keep the ride to the speed of the least experienced rider for the safety of riders and the comfort/welfare of our horses. The speed we go to will be assessed by our instructor and it will be at their discretion.

We do indeed. The woods we ride in provides some cover from the rain but you would still need to wear a waterproof. If you have booked in for a beach ride or two hour trek, these ride along the road so in heavy fog it would not be safe. If you are unsure, phone us the morning you are due to ride and we can advise you. The weather can be very different with us in Marros to what it is down the hill in Pendine so what the weather is like with you, might not necessarily be how it is at Marros. 

If you have booked on to a Combination Session, we can stay in the school for the second half of your ride as long as the school is free and it is agreed by all riders and then you can do fun games or races.

Yes, we have a free car park close to the reception.

We have a small coffee shop and seating area which over looks the indoor school. We sell hot and cold drinks as well as a selection of snacks. If you prefer to go for a walk, we are adjacent to a public footpath which goes to Marros Beach.

Unfortunately, due to health and safety, we are unable to allow walkers to join the treks.

We do allow dogs on site. Dogs are not able to go on treks out with the rides. Any visiting dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.

We ask riders to be at the riding centre at least 15 minutes before their ride starts. This is to allow  fitting with hats and boots if necessary.

We open all year round, including weekends and bank holidays. We close on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day but are open for riding the rest of the year. We close on Tuesdays during term time.

Since the Lockdowns we aren't open as many days as usual unless it is a school holiday. 

We ask for 48 hours notice of any changes or cancellations as we allocate horses and staff in advance. If you cancel within 48 hours then a credit will be given on your Ecpro account for when you want to book next time. It is not part of our Cancellation Policy to issue monetary refunds so this is at the Management's discretion to issue a refund for certain circumstances. Any refund  issued will incur a 15% administration/fee charge and the balance will be refunded to the card you paid with. 

48 hours notice must be given to change a rider in your group. Each rider has a horse or pony allocated based on their experience and height and weight. This cannot be changed 5 minutes before your ride is due to begin. If we can accommodate a different rider we will but you must notify us before arriving. 

All riders must be registered on the online booking system.

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered, please do not hesitate to contact us.